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I want to talk a little bit about my thoughts on photography. I consider myself a lifestyle photographer. One of my biggest goals with photography is to capture the things that people generally do not see. Things that are here today and gone tomorrow.


Through past and present life experiences,I’ve learned how to observe.Candid moments are the truth in a photo. I think that is why they are my favorite. When I get a candid photo that captures a person's style and beauty,it makes me feel really great!

It's not an easy job to be tuned in and ready to capture real moments. It's a learned habit that has happened slowly, with trial and error.  I love it when photos capture true emotions... 

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David McQuel(non-registered)
Thank you LaTonya. You make great video. I enjoyed the Jokia video. Great work.
I have a page here on instagram. Fairly new though.
como diminuir o ronco noturno(non-registered)
Karen McClendon
M-Ages takes the best professional